24 November 2006

Tom Wilson & Logan @ Embryo + new mix

**“A New England”**
Tom Wilson (RO and a little bit of Salterforth, UK)
DJ Logan (London, UK but looking increasingly RO)
Embryo / Vineri 24 Noiembrie

*NEW MIX* "A New England" *NEW MIX*TomWilson*
Disco/Punk-Funk/Cosmic/Rousing British Anthems

"It’s been a bad few weeks in the Romanian press, and a bad few weeks for the Brits. With Romania’s EU accession looming, the Romanian tabloid newspaper “Soarele” has launched a campaign to keep British citizens out of Romania after the 1st of January 2007. Running headlines like “500,000 British workers to flood Romania” and “Brits want to steal our jobs”, fears of a post-accession influx of migrant British plumbers, builders and DJs has given way to a wave of anti-British feeling. Myself and DJ Logan have had enough. In an effort to stem this wave of vile anti-British propaganda, we’ve organised the event entitled “A New England”. I’ll also be brining along my *Theremin*, and will be using it to make a very limited range of vaguely Sci-Fi noises whilst waving my arms about in a Contemporary Dance-type manner.
Also, to celebrate the event, I’ve put together a new mix, also entitled 'A New England'.”

To download "A New England" click here (44mb .zip file)
To stream "A New England", click here

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