14 December 2006

Annual Homeless Ball @ Ota

15 dec / Annual Homeless Ball / Ota
Boru, Mr. Rock Dj, Tom Wilson

COSTUME OBLIGATORY / “BIG” PRIZES! (Big in this context shouldn’t be taken as meaning sizeable, valuable or impressive) On the night of Friday the 15th of December, the financial magazine “Das Kapital” will be launching its listing of the “300 Cei Mai Saraci Oameni din”. To celebrate, we’ll be hosting our annual HOMELESS BALL, the number one social event for vagabonds, down-and-outs, wayfaring gentlemen and those euphemistically ‘down on their luck’. At the event, Das Kapital magazine will be presenting the much-coveted award for ‘Most Destitute Individual’ of 2006. We’ll also be providing a range of paraffin and medicinal alcohol-based cocktails for your delectation. Please note that we have a strict ‘No Animals’ policy, except for guide dogs and dogs on bits of string.

Please note that due to the exclusive nature of the event, those improperly dressed will be refused entry. If you don’t look like a genuine homeless person, then you WILL NOT BE LET IN. NO COSTUME – NO ENTRY. Honestly, we *really* won't let you in if you've not made the effort. A spectacularly malodorous old man with soiled trousers and no teeth will be on the door to check that you’ve adhered to the dress-code, probably screaming occasional obscenities at passers-by. We hope you can join us.

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