14 February 2007

My Bloody Valentine Party @ Embryo

"My Bloody Valentine" / GOTHIC NIGHT @ Embryo
Weds 14th February / Tom Wilson

“I wear black on the outside
Cos black is how I feel on the inside”
Stephen Morrissey

"Greetings, traveller!

I hate Valentines Day. I normally spend it sat at home listening to The Smiths and engaging in minor acts of self-mutilation that other people are almost certain to notice and ask about. Anyway, this year I started thinking: what if all the people in the world who felt like me got together? What would happen if we could all come together, just for one night? The dispossessed, the depressed, the lonely hearts, the unrequited, the broken hearted? A new beginning, a new way of living…

I called Calin from Embryo and told him my wonderful plan. And he told me: “I’ve never heard such a stupid idea in my life. But tell you what – why don’t you come and play records and sing a bit on the microphone like last time. It’ll be much better.”

Anyway. I expect you to make a small effort and come dressed in black. Bring your own dead swan. Or at least wear a bit of eyeliner. At midnight I’m going to write “4 REAL” on my arm in Black Biro, in a kind of tribute to Richie Edwards himself.

Keep it dark,


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