08 February 2007

Nu Rave @ Frame | Tom Wilson & Rock Dj

"Everyone keeps on going on about all this ‘Nu-Rave’ nonsense. Nu Rave? I’ll give you Nu Rave! My good friend Rock DJ has been a ‘Nu-Raver’ for the past bloody fifteen years. The Klaxons practically stole everything they know from him. On Friday, as usual, he’ll be wearing a fluorescent bin-man’s jacket, waving glow-sticks around, hugging strangers and banging on about the ‘massive’ time he had in Goa in 1991. Oh, and you know the ‘smiley’ face? He invented it one night in 1989 when he was ‘really mashed-up on some drug-pills’. Really…! I hope to see you at Frame for some bangin’ tunes. Sorted!"

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