23 March 2007

rokolectiv 2007 [codes]

รดze / Kitchen [Video] / live
Christopher Just / myspace
Bog /Bog - Satan, te urasc! [ep]
Thomas Brinkmann /It never was you [video]
Mikael Stavostrand / myspace

Machine Funck / live session
Jimmy Edgar / LBLB Detroit [video] / Is this a real city [video]
Uffie + Feadz / Pop The Glock [live] / Cuisine #1 Bristol video report
Junction SM / live

Reactable / media
Pierre Bastien / live
Minus / myspace
Freeform / sound design & music
Doravideo / live

In addition to the already classic relation between sound and image in the live performance, Rokolectiv questions the relation between electronic music genres and socio-cultural codes. In the Romanian context, electronic music is still perceived as a division of different genres, each with their own urban and social codes and a very segregated public. This particular situation is quite specific to the local scene and is usually not to be found internationally. The new program of Rokolectiv reflects the current tendencies of reducing the differences between codes or genres, the oppositions between experimental/p0p, dance/non-dance, analogue/digital, mainstream/alternative.

update: [day1.video] [day2.video] [day1.photos] [day2.photos]

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