09 May 2007

Creation Station 1.0 @ Test Point

Creation Station is a platform, an idea, an exhibit and a live demonstration. It is many forms of art brought together and synchronized. All connected and all happening individually as well. It is a puzzle of elements that match as they interact with each-other. It is organized and freestyle all at once. The intention is to open a space in which different artistic expressions can step outside their own realm and blend in order to create something unique.

The artists that are activating the Creation Station will jam with: music, live interactive visuals, multimedia art, fashion design, photography, make-up, drawing, dance and choreography, theatre, reiki, indian and thai massage, anime magazine showcase, japonese tea house...& more.

Location: Test Point / May 17th, 20.00

Program: All Star Jam Session With: Dj Vasile & Rolf, Blanoz, Azul, Mara, Traian & Radu (ZUM), Sasha&Mandela (SENSOR krew), Cum Vrei / Fashion Show By Ancient Future Designs / Otaku Magazine Show Case / Manga & Anime magazine, Live Drawing, Art Exhibit Live Multimedia Vvisuals by Tarta (Andra Iachim & Malina Ionescu), Alexandru Patatics, Formatia Format, Csongli & Katzecotoi / Contact Dance And Improv with Adriana Butoi & Natasa Trifan, Ioana Marchidan

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