20 June 2007

Freaka @ Czech Centre

It seems that there is a new kind of race.
After the cold war arms race, there is a race to outdo each other with the newest scare on the market. Bring out the newest object of fear. It seems that everybody is outdoing each other when it comes to the most horrible imagery, the most disastrous and frightening scenario. It seems there is an endless supply of fright to scare the masses. Whole industries have developed just to guard, assure, and help us in the face of senseless terror, and they have started to supply that terror when it doesn’t do the trick. Protection seems to be everywhere to remind us that we do not have any protection. It then seems only normal, that in the age of fear, you got to look for some unknown local or foreign “fear Ingineers” that will provide you with fresh carrion: trashy horror flicks, uncanny musical videos and dark artworks of their own. This is their and your night of fright! (text: Stefan Tiron)

Freaka / 22 jun / 23h00 / Czech Centre / videos and visual art in the era of fear; curated by Stefan Tiron (RO), Evzen Liska (CZ).

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