25 July 2007

OMAGIU#8 nano

‘There’s plenty of space down there’
Richard Feynman, December the 29th, 1959
Megalomania is not only the prerogative of outdated despotic regimes. Megalomania seems at ease within the new Romanian consumerist society. Whatever is big must be therefore good. The neighbourhoods, the houses, the streets, the hotels, the museums, they’re all huge. Projections are getting bigger everyday, while festivals longer and larger. Featuring bigger and bigger names. On screens and LCDs with lots of inches.
Bigger and bigger promises arise.

Facing the European expansion, Omagiu#8 seeks through nano means of expanding from down up.

We’re interested in everything that’s small, even tiny, and in everything that develops and multiplies imperceptibly with an atomic impact. Be it technological innovations or those who are endangered by today’s giants, we want to find out who are today’s micro-adventurers.

Omagiu#8 nano is searching for masterpieces produced in minute detail and viable even when looked at through the electronic microscope. We are looking for material and molecular ideas that can spread exponentially within and outside the magazine.

Deadline: 15th of August
Texts: maximum 1500 words required
Images: 300 dpi, CMYK
Thank You.

the nano editorial staff

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