25 September 2007

N0-Domain @ AVion_04 / AVmotional

AVion_04 / AVmotional @ Orange Concept Store / 28 sept / 19:00
N0-Domain / Barcelona /motion graphics, visuals, audio / presentation / screening / Q&A

No-Domain is an audiovisual design studio based in Barcelona. Within our clients we can list Nike, Heineken, Adidas, Seat, Fox, Nestle, Levi's, Red, United Nations, Euroleague, VH-1, Mtv and many more. We combine our animation and broadcast design work with a long list of live visual performances for festivals such as Sónar (Barcelona, Guadalajara, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires), Sperm (Praga), Bitfim (Hamburgo), Mapping (Geneva), Design Mai (Berlin) Full Pull (Malmö); where we have had the opportunity to perform for artists including Prefuse73, Kid Koala, Four Tet, Dave Clarke, Dj Krush, James Murphy, Edan, Patrick Wolf, Buck65, Matthew Herbert Lichee Lassy, Chris Clark, Daedelus and Birdy Nam Nam among others. Our work may be defined as graphic design mixed with video art, mixed with illustration, mixed with animation, mixed with experimentation, mixed with advertising, mixed with large doses of pop, lo-fi, hi-fi and improvisation."

AVion - the AVmotional series of events for professionals and AV addicts: AVmotional Platform undertook a challenge from the start: bringing together visual artists who love music and experimentation and electronic music performers who have a thingfor experiments and video, all on an uncensored playground. Keeping the freshness and effervescence of the interaction between representatives of different media is vital. So is the continuing experience exchange between Romanian and international artists, with its substantial influence over the contemporary AV and cross-media art scene. Thus, in time, a dynamic network of professionals will emerge and act in different zones of art and culture and will facilitate the accomplishment of new cross-media, interdisciplinary projects and long-term AV cooperation.

AVion - innovative, experimental & non-commercial: meetings and free discussions between professionals / screenings and AV Project presentations, Romanian or from abroad / networking & good vibe /AV leaders of the international scene, invited for workshops, presentations, live concerts.

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