05 October 2007

David E. Sugar - Chelsea Girls | directed by peepshow collective

'Chelsea Girls' video: youtube / quicktime

David E. Sugar embodies the Brikabrak ethos of pushing artistic freedom. His experiments in the world of micro music have put awards on the shelf and taken him around the world. David joins the label for a collaboration with MC Ears which was composed using just three gameboys.

Peepshow are not so much safety in numbers as was their initial intention when they first set out, as strength of 10 brains, 20 eyes, and 100 fingers whose eclectic approach offers new ideas which draw on the experience and individual skills of all involved. They are responsible in no small way for shaping and informing the rapidly-changing climate of visual culture today.


Matei said...

sal! nu mai scoateti niciun mix de muzica sounds session?

eclecticCow said...

in lucru / f curand :D