25 November 2007

Conny Kuilboer

About her work, Conny Kuilboer says: "With my work I’m searching for connections. I find them in simple objects and images I see and use daily but also in more complex subjects like religion and media. Nowadays, individualism is the standard. I want to ask questions about this. questions that summon to reflect about how people relate to each another. I research the resemblance that connect all of us. But without the intention to communicate this in an unambiguous manner. I translate this research in objects and (temporal) installations in which the application of the chosen material plays an significant role. The material I use most are blankets. It is a intriguing and polyvalent material with contradictionary qualities. blankets protect and give warmth. they suggest comfort but are really oppressive, irritating and often a fire hazard. I try to use all these medium specific qualities. But there are more reasons for me to work with blankets. they seem to absorb, have a special texture and the colours are fantastic. The application possibilities are endless. I use them in layers, with stencils etc.. Blankets have a rough texture which forces me to stylize my language of image. Therefore a continuous interaction arises within the searching and finding of the own form."



Conny and I (Ben Kruisdijk) also have a blog with news on our latest works and projects:


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