10 March 2008

Absolut Machines | Absolut Quartet

The Absolut Quartet is a multi-instrumental music-making installation combining art and technology to create the equivalent of a classic human quartet. It is an 'automated multi-instrumental orchestral machine, a large-scale electromechanical sculpture consisting of three instruments and thousands of parts, working together to create one piece of music. The main timbre is a marimba played by balls shot from a robotic cannon. Other components include a series of wineglasses played by little robotic fingers and an array of robotic percussive instruments'.
Prepare to be amazed > check the video!

The musical installation is on display at New York and you can get the chance to interact with the machine by logging in to absolutmachines.com. You will enter a 4-8 second theme, and the machine will generate, in real-time, a unique musical piece based on the input melody you have provided. (via)

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