04 March 2008

Alex Prager

'Prager photographs her female subjects in a style reminiscent of the great mid 20th Century film directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Douglas Sirk. Amongst the naivety of her compositions and colour palate there is the suggestion of impending narrative. Similar to old style movie stills displayed outside cinemas, Prager’s photographs offer us stories that encourage us to imagine what happens before and after, beyond the edge of the frame. Often shot from an unexpected angle and unusually lit the audience are positioned as voyeurs.'

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Anonymous said...

fusion,dar in context. e natural, dar parca nu e foarte sanatos. se vinde excelent totusi, pentru ca e fashion. e usor manevrabil si se potriveste cu decadenta. e o uitare de pe o zi de alta, sigilata cu un brand statornic numit brit pop doua mii opt.