25 March 2008

The Emotion Organ by Amanda Steggell

Synaesthesia is the name of a rare clinical anomaly where people experience unusual and very real sensations, such as the taste of shapes, or the colour of sound.

'The Emotion Organ is a synaesthetic simulacrum machine where players can explore the sensational interplay of feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling and motion. It is also a time machine - a re-engineered pump organ from 1895 that combines both old and emerging technology and builds upon a trajectory of several centuries-worth of ideas about synaesthetic phenomena.
Without electricity it can be played as a conventional musical instrument, but when plugged in the organ produces varying combinations and intensities of sound, light, colour, scent, vibration and movement. When played it stimulates a highly subjective, cause-and-effect sensory immersion. When experienced as a spectator, the subjective affect of the player is modulated through the hypnotic visual effects of a propeller-screen, processed organ sounds and emitted scents.'


Bjorker said...

big wow!

Anonymous said...

ay j'adore ton blog. and now i love art in bucharest too.