13 April 2008

Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison

'ParkeHarrison makes work that mixes photography, painting and sculptural props with old-fashioned darkroom techniques. Primitive yet elaborate constructions are photographed and the resulting creations are collaged into other image sources.'


Bjorker said...

TIPS&TRICKS de la Bjorker : Adaugati asta [ &fmt=18 ] la coada linkurilor voastre YouTube pentru clipuri la o calitate mult mai ridicata! (mai exact: pentru a le vedea la calitatea cu care au fost incarcate, nealterate de setarile de fastload YouTube)

Diferentele sunt ULUITOARE...MAI ALES in Full Screen!

twenty2wo said...

really great find, amazing conceptual work. your blog is great too by the way and I have added it to my list.

lush said...

am so thrilled! they will soon have a show here at the nelson gallery, and we plan to use their work as a counterpoint to a project we'll be doing with area high school-aged photography students.

Chris Riesner said...

Yes, i love the ParkeHarrison's work.
I really want to see it in person within my lifetime