27 July 2006

Kidrobot | hottest toys and action figures

Kidrobot is planet Earth’s premier creator and retailer of limited-edition art toys, mini-figures, posters, clothing, action figures and more!

illustro maniac

"Mad mad illustrator who comes up with very cutesie illustrations".
Also check the online portofolio.

A children's bookstore in Beijing

Jan Baracz Photography

"In his ongoing project, Jan Baracz has always moved along the shifting line between the random and the structured. He has conjured this nexus through a myriad of forms. Baracz's photography is a long-submerged extension of his art and design work of the last decade.
This series of images is a freestanding sequence. It reveals a different facet of Baracz's preoccupation with the powers and handicaps of perception. Here the phenomenological approach of his art yields to the point-blank intimacy of the captured subject."

Luvgalz | Worldwide graphic tribute to girls

26 July 2006

Cow Abduction

La science des rêves

...from the director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Output Recordings

Output is a record label, releasing music from "small bands" with big ideas like: Colder, DK7, Mu, Playgroup, George Demure, Kreeps, Tall Blonde, 7 hurtz, LCD Soundsystem, Lopazz, Black Strobe, Dead Combo, Fourtet, Fridge, Manhead, Volga Select, The Rapture, Rekindle, The Boy lucas, Icarus, LB, Dempsey, Sonovac, Soft Verge, Gramme.