31 January 2008

Eduardo Bertone

Eduardo Bertone: Site / Blog

Bucharest Biennale 3 | Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art

Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art
23.05 -28.06 2008

'BB3 attends to the geographical turn in contemporary creativity and currrent representational practices. Promoting cartographic literacy, imagining the map as a problematic and unpredicatable and productive and liberating instrument, BB3 invites mapmakers, cartographers, navigators, mapreaders, guides, maptravelers, mapprogrammers, mapdevotees, mapdestroyers of all kinds. Join us in mapping our moment, join us in being exactly here, which, as Joyce had it, is the same as being everywhere. And nowhere.'

Artists: Kristoffer Ardena (ES/PH), Lauri Astala (FI), Milena Bonilla (CO), Bureau D'Etudes (FR), Counter-Cartographies Collective (USA), Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil (FR), Lukas Einsele (DE), Buckminster Fuller (USA), Atlas Linguarum Europae (EUR), Eduard Freudmann & Can Gülcü (A), Lucia Ganieva (RU/NL), Frances Goodman (ZA), Hackitectura (ES), Mona Hatoum (PS/LB/GB), Brian Holmes (GB), Ashley Hunt (USA), Karlo-Andrei Ibarra (PR), Johan Järnestad (SE), Emma Kay (GB), Maria Lantz (SE), Cezar Lazarescu (RO), Le Monde Diplomatique (FR), Dinu Li (GB/HN), Armin Linke (DE), Mikael Lundberg (S), Bertien van Manen (NL), Adrian Matei (RO), Christina McPhee (USA), Randa Mirza (LB), Oliver Musovik (MK), Josh On (USA), Yoko Ono (USA), Lia Perjovschi (RO), Arno Peters (DE), Sabine Rethore (FR), Jan Svenungsson (SE/DE), Adriana Varejao (BR), Karina Nimmerfall (A), Arjen Van Susteren (NL).

30 January 2008

28 January 2008

Ben Tour

Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz

Casas paints large size oil canvases and Bic ball pen drawings where he reproduces images he takes with his camera, youthful and spontaneous domestic photographs of fleeting moments of nighttime fun. He is considered one of the more influential painters in Spain.

26 January 2008

25 January 2008

Omagiu 9 | Stars

Awesome piece of special effects

The upcoming movie “The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep” has prompted one hell of a publicity stunt in Tokyo Bay. The 15-meter long Nessie is an impressive combination of water screen lighting effects and some well-placed water spouts for the giant splash effect. In order to get the full effect, check out the video.

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24 January 2008

John Casey | Bunnywax

'John Casey is obsessed with fictitious human morphology, which he explores in his ink drawings and small sculptures. At first glance, his works seem to portray a menagerie of deformed creatures. A collective analysis reveals this array of oddball creations to be a series of psychological studies — self-portraits of the artist's inner psyche in all of its multifaceted incarnations. Some sad, some horrific, and some whimsical, these characters evoke responses from laughter and sympathy to disgust and discomfort. While one might call Casey's work the exorcising of inner demons, his creations inspire more empathy than they do loathing. By depicting the grotesque as pitiable, John Casey illuminates the darkest corners of the mind, seeking redemption for all of us.'

22 January 2008

'Monstrous Legs' by MassMarket

Watch the 'Monstrous Legs' spot: quicktime/sevenload.
Client: Monster / Agency: BBDO, New York
VFX Company: MassMarket

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Blaine Fontana

Esra Røise

20 January 2008

PCP | hype hope wonderland

PCP is Heisuke Kitazawa, based currently in Tokyo, Japan, works as freelance illustrator/designer.

16 January 2008

12 January 2008

10 January 2008

Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson: "The best part of my life, as a photographer, is the experience of new ideas coming to fruition. Ideas pop up when I least expect them to. Whether I'm riding the el, shamelessly crying over one of those makeover shows, listening to a new tune, or just walking around this kick ass city; I'm always inspired. The ultimate goal is that you'll remember the faces and ideas I have captured. They're all part of something bigger, something that has inspired me and hopefully will inspire you." (via)

09 January 2008