31 October 2006


Ready for the latest shot of twisted, darkly-imagined fantasy?

24 October 2006


1. Do you experience words or letters as specific colors, for example the letter A as yellow? / 2. Do you experience music as colors? / 3. Do you experience shapes as tastes? / 4. Do you experience any other form of sensory mixing? If yes, please explain. / 5. Do you confuse left and right, for example telling someone to turn right when you meant left? / 6. Can you remember the locations of objects such as a certain book on a shelf ? These questions are taken from a test of synesthesia.

18 October 2006

got milk?

Campaign Details:
Client: CA Fluid Milk Processors/Got Milk?
Creative Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners; North Kingdom

Campaign Insight:
'The initial brief for planetinneed.com was to re-introduce milk to consumers. With sales of milk declining, we needed to remind people of all the benefits of nature's wonder drink. We wanted them to literally see milk through new eyes, to rediscover this familiar beverage as the Miracle Elixir it really is. The first world is a seemingly low-tech, unbranded teaser site by the farmers, whose cows were going missing. Viewers can see photographic evidence of the abductions, read the latest news and advice from farmers, and post their own evidence as well. The second world is a deep, interactive dive into the world of Brittlelactica, showcasing DA IRY, the aliens and their many health ailments. Viewers can visit regions of the planet (such as Cavitopia and PMStonia), speak directly to DA IRY, as well as watch the TV spots. Interestingly, the site doesn't use the word milk and doesn't show any milk, yet the online experience leaves no doubt as to the health benefits of the product. There's been over one million visits to the two websites since they launched in March, as well as countless references in blogs and trade publications. Ultimately, the interactive has achieved its goal; to generate buzz around the campaign, and to provide a detailed look into the many benefits of the most miraculous drink in the universe: milk.'

16 October 2006

Open'n'Close Spots

Hugo Boss Green / Directed by Stardust

Reebok ‘Wrapshear’ / Directed by Motion Theory

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Electroland is a team that creates comprehensive and multi-disciplinary urban projects and scenarios.

Dstrukt - Freelance Motion & Static Designer

Chris James Hewitt is a freelance Designer & Art Director currently based in London. Working under his Dstrukt guise Chris has produced work for a mix of high-end clients scattered over the globe including MTV Networks Europe, Vodafone, BBC, Digitalvision, & Dr Martens. Featured in numerous industry publications and presenting at various design conferences in the UK Chris has received critical acclaim in both online and traditional media.

13 October 2006


Japanese scientists have developed a sophisticated electronic nose that is capable of sniffing an object then reproducing the smell. One of the most ambitious devices Professor Takamichi Nakamoto's team has built is a sophisticated "odour recorder" which can sniff an object and then reproduce its smell using a host of chemicals.If you present the recorder with a shiny red apple, the electronic nose will take a cursory sniff, analyse the odour and then draw up a recipe of chemicals needed to recreate it.

via BBC News Science and technology

Radical Face: Music, Writing & Art

When I was seven, my imaginary friend tried to kill me. No one has ever believed me, though. It was always marked up as twisted make-believe and left at that, which bothered me to no end. I was scared out of my mind, looking for some reassurance and safety, and everyone behaved as if I were the problem. My parents, my teachers—all of them. My supposed imaginary friend, a looming Navajo Indian named Malia, was never nice to me. And I say ‘supposed,’ because as far as I’m concerned, I never imagined him at all. He just showed up in my bedroom one night as my parents were tucking me in. I pointed to him and asked my folks who he was, but they laughed it off as a childhood frivolity. I didn’t sleep that night and neither did my visitor. From that point on, he was with me a good eight hours a day, four to five days a week [...]


SpookyRobot is a virtual exhibition of interactive installations and other projects.

11 October 2006


Matthew Woodson was born and raised in rural southern Indiana. At a young age he developed a fascination for natural history and the elegant simplicity of silent moments and small deaths. He then moved to Chicago to attend The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where natural history was non-existent and silent moments / small deaths were few and far between. After graduating in early 2006 Matthew still lives in Chicago, in an apartment full of original hardwood floors, taxidermy, and a cat.

(gôst-kô) n.
00 within the company of the deceased
01 an organization of the non-existent
02 a "tag" used by the author at an
adolescent age in acts of petty vandalism

10 October 2006


Vectorpark - Fun and addictive flash artwork by artist Patrick Smith.

Josh Keyes - Pictures & Drawings

03 October 2006

Kult Nation Motion Graphics

Kultnation is defined as an experiment in visual pleasure.