30 January 2007

Terry Rodgers | The Apotheosis Of Pleasure

Terry Rodgers is a realist known for his contemporary character studies. While his earlier paintings often contemplated personal and family relationships in brightly lit outdoor settings wrought with pale, intense, high-keyed colors, his recent paintings conjure up aVague Inferencesvision of the private nightlife of America’s privileged youth.

25 January 2007

Eveline Tarunadjaja | love pad

Logan & Larry Karda @ Embryo

Embryo / 26.01 / Logan, Larry Karda
electro / post punk / cosmic / balearic / acid-house / indie-disco

22 January 2007

21 January 2007

January Sounds Selection Session

:: Download the mix ::

Freddie Mercury - Let’s Turn It On (A Cappella)
Ratatat - Kennedy (E-Rock Remix)
Shapemod feat Snax and Jamie Lidell - Love’s Too Much (Acapella)
Partial Arts - Trauermusik (Alter Ego Mix)
Shapemod feat Snax and Jamie Lidell - Love’s Too Much (So36 Remix)
Michael Jackson vs. Mason - Don't Stop Till You Fuck Enough
Basement Jaxx - Take Me Back To Your House (Speaker Junk Remix)
Dj Assault - Ass-n-titties
Spank Rock - Bump (Switch Remix)
Trash Fashion - It's A Rave Dave
Daft Punk - Around The World Again (Dangerous Dan & Van She Edit)
Acid Jacks - Awake Since 78 (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Trash Fashion - It's A Rave Dave (JE2 Grade 8 Mix)
The Black Ghosts - Face (Switch Remix)
Robbie Williams - Rudebox (Riton Remix)
Bloc Party - The Prayer (Para One Remix)
Klass vs. I Am Finn - I Love You (Van She Tech Hip)
Mason vs. Princess Superstar - Perfect Exceeder (Vocal Club Mix)
The Rapture - W.a.y.u.h (Claude Vonstroke Pantydropper Vocal Mix)
Surkin - Radio Fireworks
Herbert - Moving Like a Train (Smith‘n’Hack Remix)
Teki Latex - Disco Dance with You (Para One Remix)
The Valentinos - CCTV (Bang Gang vs. Van She Tech Remix)

Total playtime: 67 minutes & 1 second

Romain Bernardie James & Marion Paris

18 January 2007

17 January 2007

Farm 1.0 | Neil Duerden Illustration

Klaxons | new album: Myths Of The Near Future

HMV describes Klaxons as "acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk", while on their MySpace page they are described as 'Screamo / Happy Hardcore / Pop'. Along with Shitdisco they are one of the bands dubbed part of the 'New Rave' movement, a term coined by Angular Records founder Joe Daniel who released their first single. Although the accessible side of their sound shows the influence of the art rock explosion of the 2000s, they pretend to draw upon some less common influences, notably the rave culture of the 1990s, which they appropriate and redefine in what they think is a post-modern fashion.

15 January 2007

Colin & Sas Christian Cyber Studio | Pop Surrealism

Snackcakes Big Head - Devil Girl by Colin Christian / Female Silicone & Fiberglass Sculpture, Life Size Pin Up, Erotic, Lovecraft inspired - on permanent exhibition @ Museum of Sex, New York

"Real Horror Show" by Sas Christian / Big Eye Paintings


art / illustration / design / photography / fun stuff featuring rabbits.

14 January 2007

11 January 2007

Khidja & Tom Wilson @ Frame

12.01 Rusu / Flore / Tom Wilson

"Relationships are difficult things. You fall in love, split up, thinkthings will never be the same again, get back together, get caughtmasturbating in other peoples gardens (What? What do you mean that’s never happened to you?)…
It’s a bit like that with Rusu, Flore and myself. We’ve had our goodtimes, we’ve had our bad times, but I’m proud to say that we’re back, (in the words of the inimitable Take That), ‘Back For Good’. It’s one full year since we last were together, sat round the turntable, like a proper family. I trust you’ll be able to join for our reunion. Let’s make the most of it while it lasts…

Pax! / Tom Wilson"

14.01 Cutia de rezonanta
Khidja Sit-down-and-listen Sessions
Every Sunday from 20.00 - 24.00

10 January 2007

David M Bowers Artwork

Upon first glance Bowers work seems to take you back to periods of painting long gone. However, Bowers paintings incorporate modern themes and ideas. There is always a message in his work. For him the idea is the most challenging and rewarding part of the painting. Symbolism is a main ingredient in his work. Bowers would never be satisfied painting a bowl of fruit or mundane landscape. These subjects would bore him to tears.

Miss Kittin @ Studio Martin

Miss Kittin @ Studio Martin
Sambata, 17 Februarie 2007

via grafic

Thomas Brinkmann, Felix Kubin, Jimmy Edgar @ Rokolectiv 2007

Rokolectiv 2007
Festival de muzica electronica si arte vizuale conexe
23, 24, 25 martie 2007
Coduri | Codes

(RO) A doua editie a festivalului Rokolectiv va avea loc la sfarsitul lunii martie si va aduce in fata publicului roman 16 live-act-uri, conferinte, dezbateri, screening-uri. Pe langa deja clasicul raport sunet-imagine in performance-ul live, Rokolectiv pune in discutie relatia dintre genuri muzicale electronice si coduri socio-culturale. Pe scena romaneasca, muzica electronica e inca perceputa ca o diviziune de genuri, fiecare cu coduri urbane si sociale specifice, cu un public inca segregat. De multe ori aceste coduri sunt specifice contextului romanesc si difera de cel international. Programul din acest an reflecta tocmai tendinta de estompare a diferentelor de cod/gen, a raporturilor experimental/popular, dance/non-dance, analog/digital, mainstream/alternativ.
Programul Rokolectiv din 2007 propune un melanj de genuri, moduri si tehnici de abordare a muzicii electronice si a artelor vizuale nascute in relatie cu ea. Rokolectiv 2007 va avea o sectiune speciala, Out of France, ce va prezenta cateva exemple de performance-uri inovative ale unor artisti din noul val francez. Printre ei, revelatia anului, Nôze, grup din care face parte Nicolas Sfintescu, un nume cu rezonante romanesti. Freak-house show fara limite. Veti mai avea parte de orchestra mecanica de roboti artizanali a compozitorului francez Pierre Bastien si de un concert surpriza «la rece», nemediat electronic, precum si de cateva descoperiri din Japonia.
Printre numele deja confirmate se numara si Thomas Brinkmann (DE), Felix Kubin (DE) si Jimmy Edgar (USA).

09 January 2007

Jill Greenberg

Over the last fifteen years, Greenberg has made memorable images of many of the world’s most recognizable celebrities, in addition to creating a recognizable filter of vision itself. An early adopter of digital effects, Greenberg has developed a world that is more intense, more razor-sharp, let’s say supra-real, than the one in which we actually reside. Jill Greenberg creates portraits that seize our attention, that create an altered universe staring back at us.

For the series “Monkey Portraits”, Greenberg has created a series of monkey portraits and asks us to consider, in another way, where we are coming from. We look into her monkey’s expressions, their faces - their peculiar physiognomy - and somehow see ourselves. It is frightening and disorienting and exhilarating and awesome. She mischievously shows us another type of mirror-stage, where we confront an ancient and distorted reflection, another startling spectacle, and try to make sense of who, or what we are seeing. By intentionally anthropomorphizing her monkeys, we can’t help but identify with their gaze, and be reminded of people we know, expressions that we have seen before.

Hippopotamouse | The Victorian Surrealism Of Jeffrey Micheal Harp

"I Have Engaged The Sun To Shine For Me."

The Works of Luka Skalabrin

08 January 2007

David Byun | Photographer

monoface | generating faces

monoface by mono

Van Arno

His ongoing fascination with the imagery of religion and its use of the heroic figure continues to find new relevance recently, as American values are examined at home and abroad. Although, Van Arno has been exploring non-narrative themes; recently, his focus remains on the figure, and its power to engage the viewer.

Cornelius | Beep It

'Beep it' / from album 'Sensuous' / directed by Koichiro Tsujikawa
(also check the video for 'Fit Song')

One of the few Japanese artists to make a significant impact overseas,
Cornelius a.k.a. Keigo Oyamada has played a leading role in the development of Japanese music, art, and fashion since the early 1990s. Oyamada started his professional music career in the late 1980s when he was still in high school as guitarist for the short lived Lollypop Sonic. The band soon changed its name to Flipper's Guitar. Flipper's Guitar hijacked elements of swinging 60s London, Brian Wilson, French movies, psychedelia, and myriad other sources, refracting them back as something wholly original and fresh. Now is one of Japan’s most innovative and respected musicians. Live performances are an extension of Cornelius recordings, incorporating trippy lightshows, karate apes, and other elements that both complement and are complemented by his music. In addition to his own music, Oyamada’s list of collaborators reads like a who’s who of modern music, including Beck, Blur, and The Avalanches. He is also involved in the design and marketing of cutting-edge merchandise, including a limited edition cardboard turntable, unique watches, action figures, and headphones.

07 January 2007

encore magazine # 28

from magwerk

Plug Independent Music Awards 2007

The Plug Independent Music Awards, or just Plug Awards, began in 2001 as a "cartel" of music lovers ranging from DJs and managers to indie retailers and fans.