26 January 2010

Noper Updates

Noper is a Romanian illustrator with a thing for animation. He currently lives in Bucharest and works as Art Director with an advertising agency. In his early carreer he often found himslef juggling with various illustration styles, but his more mature work clearly underline his passion to create fabulous and bizarre characters and worlds. His final works are always ellaborated, always yearning to be watched thoroughly in order to discover all the details. He finds his muses in every-day life, be it a funny event or a month-old frustration. That's why the majority of his surreal characters often are a "day to day" satirical quotation. He never plans or sketches a drawing, but prefers to pump every bit of his spontaneous creativity on any type of canvas he has in front: a piece of paper, a tablet, a wall or a napkin. This is how every work gets an organic, unique feeling. He goes by the motto "If I see it, maybe i'll feel it. If I feel it, fuck I'll draw it".

22 January 2010

05 January 2010

Zhou Fan

Zhou Fan - Chinese Contemporary Artist: "A series of my paintings is based on dreams that I had as a child of many many jellyfish floating in the sky, some of which fell to the ground on parachutes and became mushrooms. These dreams had a strong impact on me, and I remember them vividly. Somehow I feel that it is easier to focus on dreams than reality. In one particular painting, there is a boy crying because he keeps things within him, is easily sad, and he refuses to face reality."