29 June 2007


Deadbeatt.com is the graphic portfolio of designer Justin DeWalt - Illustrations, Photo Finishing and Digital Medium, Art Direction.

Skizzomat Grafik und Illustration

24 June 2007

Sammy Rawal

Milos Sadik

"even if I am going to die and go to hell, I would prefer to be free in my life" (Connor McPherson)

23 June 2007

Four Eyed Monsters | Watch the entire indie film for free on YouTube

Four glittering eyes, two pink mouths, and eight limbs wrapped around itself taking up two seats on the subway.

22 June 2007

Anthony Goicolea

These absurd predicaments strive to provoke conflicting emotions in the viewer. Scenes which would normally appear threatening, dangerous, or grotesque inspire empathy as well as fear, and ultimately are revealed to be more complex than was first assumed.

Saddo & Other @ Streetwise

21 June 2007

The Art of Philip Straub | Environment Concept Design

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Myth Takes

Myth Takes is the third album by !!!. This large collective of musicians live all over the US and their combine talents make for a great album of eclectic, groove rock. Post-punk bass patterns, spaghetti western guitars, African polyrhythms, spaced out disco and vintage Philly soul are just some of the key ingredients that are aimed just as much to the head as to the sweatiest of dance-floors.

Bloodle | Artwork of Mark Traughber

Mark Traughber does paintings, drawings and stencil-art.

20 June 2007

Freaka @ Czech Centre

It seems that there is a new kind of race.
After the cold war arms race, there is a race to outdo each other with the newest scare on the market. Bring out the newest object of fear. It seems that everybody is outdoing each other when it comes to the most horrible imagery, the most disastrous and frightening scenario. It seems there is an endless supply of fright to scare the masses. Whole industries have developed just to guard, assure, and help us in the face of senseless terror, and they have started to supply that terror when it doesn’t do the trick. Protection seems to be everywhere to remind us that we do not have any protection. It then seems only normal, that in the age of fear, you got to look for some unknown local or foreign “fear Ingineers” that will provide you with fresh carrion: trashy horror flicks, uncanny musical videos and dark artworks of their own. This is their and your night of fright! (text: Stefan Tiron)

Freaka / 22 jun / 23h00 / Czech Centre / videos and visual art in the era of fear; curated by Stefan Tiron (RO), Evzen Liska (CZ).

a polite winter | james jean & kenichi hoshine

A polite winter is a designologue between James Jean & Kenichi Hoshine.

18 June 2007

Stefan Sagmeister shares happy design

Analyzing a list of things that have made him happy, graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister realized that almost half of the items were in some way related to design. In this intensely personal talk, he shares the details of some of those moments, and gives props to three artists whose work has had a positive impact on his world. Concluding with some examples of his own work, Sagmeister offers a real insight into his aesthetic and philosophy of work and life.

Raquel´s Aparicio portfolio

Raquel loves japanese woodcuts, cats, books, comics, creepy animation movies and Raúl Allen.

Matt Duffin - Fine Art

14 June 2007

Justice - †

It comes as no surprise that «†», the first album by Justice, is a fantastic treat for the ears and for the feet. A kind of musical opera marked with religious and baroque symbols, where the melodies are ripped to shreds by the beats, where electro teaches rock a lesson and where pop gets a botox injection. Rarely in the history of French house music has a first album lived up so well to expectancies. (via)

Justice myspace | video teaser/sampler | video for D.A.N.C.E

Loreta Isac | povesti-de-adormit-copiii

agata janus vel gagatka

Karakiri | the friendly octopus

Felipov takes care of Karakiri, a friendly octopus that holds you when you sleep, or watch tv. Find more on 'Karakiri is a creature of comfort' Site or on Karakiri's adventures Blog.

12 June 2007

Naja Conrad-Hansen | Meannorth

Naja Conrad-Hansen is nominated and selected for "200 best illustrators worldwide" 2007/2008, by Lürzer's Archive.

This is Noper | NimicNormal

The Doll | Lascivious - Lingerie to kill for

The Doll is a short film about death, desire, and robots; made for boutique lingerie label Lascivious in 2007 by moving image company Wyld Stallyons. Inspired by the infamous Real Doll sex toys, a token dollop of Greek myth, and countless teenage evenings watching straight-to-video sci-fi b-movies of dubious quality, Wyld Stallyons quickly developed a concept based around the idea of a mail order sex robot, delivered in parts. Once assembled, the robot becomes sentient and takes a shine to its owner's lingerie, with fatal consequences.

You can see the making of video featuring behind the scenes footage here.

11 June 2007

10 June 2007

Unkle's War Stories

James Lavelle's Unkle project returns with a new album this summer. As usual with Unkle, the album features a swag of guest vocalists, including Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, Ian Astbury from The Cult and 3D from Massive Attack. As the vocalist choices suggest, ‘War Stories’ album promises to shift Unkle’s sound in a more rock direction: Queens of the Stone Age producer Chris Goss helps out behind the decks, while most of the instrumentation on the album is played live. The album artwork features specially commissioned paintings by Massive Attack’s 3D. [via]

Watch a short documentry filmed during the making of Unkle's new album War Stories: part1 part 2 and the video for 'Burn My Shadow'.

update: Unkle live @ Delta Music Fest / 31 aug 2007

Martin Klimas

07 June 2007

06 June 2007

suzi9mm | Jenni Tapanila

via who killed bambi

2 COOL 4 SCHOOL | Kasia Korczak, Tristan Manco in Bucharest

Kasia Korczak, Tristan Manco
7-9 jun 2007: UNAgaleria, Str Budisteanu nr 10
10 iunie 2007: Galeria Noua, Str Academiei 15

Snails in love | Short movie by Polynoid Digital Works

Michael Paige Glover | Southern Gothica in Brooklyn

"My current body of work focuses on psychological themes which depict innocence (either in children or adults) contrasted against a backdrop of chaos, destruction or obscure imagery which, in one way, relates to my past memories and present self awareness. I collect images from many sources: vintage photos/illustrations from children and family magazines and books, various film stills, old family photos and my own photographs as well. I spend weeks and sometimes months combining, arranging and deciphering hundreds of images which are an attempt to unravel a specific feeling I have about each piece. It's a process of discovery which leads me to create a type of personal symbolism using familiar imagery."

05 June 2007

Brock Elbank

Photo taken from 'Fast women expensive taste' / done for Curve Magazine.