29 December 2006

Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop

This fascinating, brilliant 20-minute video narrates the history of the "Amen Break," a six-second drum sample from the b-side of a chart-topping single from 1969. This sample was used extensively in early hiphop and sample-based music, and became the basis for drum-and-bass and jungle music -- a six-second clip that spawned several entire subcultures. Nate Harrison's 2004 video is a meditation on the ownership of culture, the nature of art and creativity, and the history of a remarkable music clip.

Genevieve Gauckler's portfolio

Maria Grossmann | Interior & Food Stylist

Natasha Papadopoulou Photography

Fat-Man Collective | Digital Design Solutions for a Communicative World

Fat-Men are a collective of handpicked thinkers, designers & developers that work together to bring big & exciting digital communication solutions.

22 December 2006

Eclectic Cow December Sounds Selection Session

>>Download the mix<< David Behrman - Leapday Night (scene 1) Layo and Bushwacka - Feels closer Daniele Baldelli - Urania / Electrodub The Rapture - Get Myself Into It (Prince Language Disco Edit) Gui Boratto - It's Majik Chromeo - Destination Overdrive (DFA Remix) Datapunk Rockstars - Klartext Throbbing Gristle - Hot On The Heels of Love Booka Shade - Darko (Booka's Funk da Funk Mix) The Hacker - Traces (Dexter Remix) ESG - Insane (Bass Mix) The Normal - Warm Leatherette Vicarious Bliss - Theme from Vicarious Bliss (Remixed by Justice) Robbie Williams - Lovelight (Soulwax Ravelight Vocal) Christopher Just and Raphael - Popper (Original Mix) Peaches - Do Ya The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax Nite Version) Para One vs Vegastar - Elle Blesse (Para One Remix Edit) ---- Total Playtime: 79:28

21 December 2006

Pitchfork | Best Music of 2006

Bonus: Pitchfork Staff Individual Best of 2006 Tracks Lists, Albums Lists and Best of 2006 Special Guests List.

20 December 2006

Zena Holloway | Underwater Photographer & Director

Zena Holloway is a professional commercial photographer commissioned internationally for advertising, commercials and editorials. Galleries and films include iconic underwater images of mermaids, free divers, water babies and dancers.

Maggie Taylor | Landscape of Dreams

Modular People Records

Modular People Records presents artists like Van She, Cut Copy, The Presets, New Young Pony Club, The Soft Lightes, MSTRKRFT, Bumblebeez, Wolfmother, Chromeo, The Avalanches, Klaxon, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Soulwax.

18 December 2006

the robot ate me

"Good World is certainly an audio world unto its own."

"The songs work in some masochistic way and begin to hook themselves into your soul."

"Just give it time to cast its spell and you’ll soon be glad that you did."

15 December 2006

Jonathan Weiner aka Viner

'The metaphor is much more subtle than its inventor and so are many things. Everything has its depths. He who has eyes sees all in everything.' (Georg Christph Lichtenberg, The Waste Books)

Mitya Kushelevich

Mitya Kushelevich: 'By orientating around dreams during the sleep, the most direct way our subconsciousness comunicate with us, I created rooms and people within them based on the similar degree of abstraction our brain uses on generating dream sequences.'

14 December 2006

Annual Homeless Ball @ Ota

15 dec / Annual Homeless Ball / Ota
Boru, Mr. Rock Dj, Tom Wilson

COSTUME OBLIGATORY / “BIG” PRIZES! (Big in this context shouldn’t be taken as meaning sizeable, valuable or impressive) On the night of Friday the 15th of December, the financial magazine “Das Kapital” will be launching its listing of the “300 Cei Mai Saraci Oameni din”. To celebrate, we’ll be hosting our annual HOMELESS BALL, the number one social event for vagabonds, down-and-outs, wayfaring gentlemen and those euphemistically ‘down on their luck’. At the event, Das Kapital magazine will be presenting the much-coveted award for ‘Most Destitute Individual’ of 2006. We’ll also be providing a range of paraffin and medicinal alcohol-based cocktails for your delectation. Please note that we have a strict ‘No Animals’ policy, except for guide dogs and dogs on bits of string.

Please note that due to the exclusive nature of the event, those improperly dressed will be refused entry. If you don’t look like a genuine homeless person, then you WILL NOT BE LET IN. NO COSTUME – NO ENTRY. Honestly, we *really* won't let you in if you've not made the effort. A spectacularly malodorous old man with soiled trousers and no teeth will be on the door to check that you’ve adhered to the dress-code, probably screaming occasional obscenities at passers-by. We hope you can join us.


Jason Levesque: '
The web is an endless source of inspiration to me. I love finding new artists and learning from what i see. Also I base a lot of my illustration on my own photography so I am inspired by my photography subjects.'

Yosuke Bandai | High atomospheric pressure ↑

13 December 2006

ether elegia | les variations de l' ether

Mike Libby | Insect Lab

Insect Lab is an artist operated studio that customizes real insects with antique watch parts and electronic components. Offering a variety of specimens that come in many shapes, sizes and colors; each specimen is individaully designed and hand- assembled, each is one of a kind and unique. Borrowing from both science fiction and science fact, Insect Lab's customized insects are a celebration of natural and manmade function.

Martin Nicolausson

Andrzej Dragan

'I like to remember things my own way. how I remember them, not necessarily the way they happened.' (David Lynch - Lost Highway)

New Year @ Embryo

12 December 2006

Jennifer Maestre | nail and pencils sculptures

Many creative endeavors begin with a nicely sharpened pencil and a two dimensional surface. My obsession with the point has led me from two dimensions to three. The texture created by a mass of pointed ends is alluring, but is intimidatingly sharp and hard. A tension thus arises between desire and repulsion. The opposing blunt ends offer a different aesthetic experience: a delicate mosaic, a smooth spotted skin.

Adam Pękalski

Sylvia Ji Artwork

11 December 2006

Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid | The Exchange Session Vol. 2

Keiran Hebden is a mastermind of modern electronic production who records as Four Tet; Steve Reid is one of the most storied jazz percussionists in history, having worked with the likes of Miles Davis, James Brown, and Fela Kuti, in addition to his work as a session drummer during the formative years of Motown. Perhaps on paper the pairing might seem odd, but in reality this is one of the most inspired team-ups of recent years. Straddling the line between free jazz and dense experimental electronic music, The Exchange Sessions are musical artifacts of unparalleled imagination and confidence. Split into two CDs seemingly at random, both discs present a picture of effortless musical rapport that surpasses generic boundaries and easily qualifies as the most effortlessly exciting musical event of the year. (via Popmatters)