26 February 2008

25 February 2008


:weareom: - new collective from Romania with some great motion works, have just launched their new site. They are interested in the synergy of analogue and digital media in order to create concept driven projects like 'Imerse' (their last work) or the best filminute 2006 winner, 'Line'.

Sebastian Szwajczak | GaapStudio

Mark Bryan

Mark Bryan: 'I usually begin a painting with a beautiful natural landscape, but can't seem to leave it at that. Because of my need to make comment, I feel compelled to fill it up with depictions of absurd human activities and/or violent acts of revenge by Mother Nature. These depictions are full of symbolism, exaggeration and parody, much in the manner of political cartoons. I like to show men involved in their own tiny dramas while oblivious to greater and more powerful forces around them.'

22 February 2008

Linus Ricard

'Short moments of high emotional impact or deep reflection are what Linus captures. Still, beneath the impulses of his wandering youth, is a thinking man. A man who always places himself, and the souls he meets, in a larger context. The small individual in the big picture works as a red line.'

21 February 2008

Priceless Thing

Namiko Kitaura

home of the vain | nikola tamindzic's daily photography site

Born in Belgrade in 1973, Nikola Tamindzic established his reputation when he started shooting nightlife. Today his distinctive style has breathed much needed life into the somewhat jaded genre of nightlife photography. 'His approach creates scenes which reflect a fascination with the theatrical, the extreme, and that which is differently beautiful; if art ultimately deals with our individual relationships to each other and to the world, the fundamentals of how we see each other, and how our bodies coexist with one another and the objects around us, then this is perfectly embodied in Nikola Tamindzic's portraiture, where the degree of intimacy established between the author and the subject - and the tensions such intimacy provokes - might be considered to be the true subject of his work.'

18 February 2008

Pascal Dameester

After working as a fashion and advertising photographer, Pascal Demeester decided to start creating an unlimited series of conceptual surrealistic images which involved some fashion elements. "Even though these images include some fashion ingredients, with the surrealistic association such as objects / individuals / words/ landscapes rid of their utilitarian purpose, they would be perceived as a field where the viewer would be able to liberate its thoughts and let its spirit create as mental association as desired."

15 February 2008

Clayton Brothers

The Clayton brothers, Rob and Christian are creating artworks together on an intuitive basis but seldom work on a canvas at the same time or discuss their projects until they are complete. They take turns inventing, adding to and editing each piece.

11 February 2008

01 February 2008

Aleksi Koskinen

Aleksi Koskinen is one of the leading music photographers in Finland. His "gritty and vivid style combines lovely Finnish moods with internationally qualified high-end photoretouching".