23 September 2008

Mel Karch

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Daniel Arsham

'Daniel Arsham’s art is an enigma that is resolved through contact with an exterior on which he draws for inspiration. By incorporating various aesthetic fields like landscape and architecture into the domain of art, he demonstrates how art wields power over other fields.'

17 September 2008

14 September 2008

Khuong Nguyen

Anim'est 2008

Anim’est 2008 | 3 - 12 Oct
Bucharest - Scala, Elvira Popescu

Anim’est 2008 is an International Animated Film Festival competition open to short and feature film, video clip and advertising, student film & Romanian shorts and it comprises five official categories and a non-competitive one. During the festival, there will also be seminars, workshops, forums and retrospectives.

The special guest of the Festival is the twice nominated for an Oscar independent animator Bill Plympton who will present to the Romanian audience the premiere of his latest feature film - Idiots and Angles. Born in 1946 in Portland, Plympton became one of the best known names in the history of animation thanks to his first nomination for an Oscar (for best animated short, in 1988) for his famous short Your Face (1987). This was the beginning of a successful career and the admitance ticket to the top league of world animators where he distinguished himself through his distinct style.

12 September 2008

09 September 2008

Jeremy Geddes

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03 September 2008


Kittozutto is a new art and design boutique that believes in the beauty of dreams. They combine fine art illustrations with digital imaging techniques, often resulting in highly-detailed artworks.