31 May 2010

McCannNightShift | NAG #4

Come see 5 of Romania’s finest street artists and illustrators of the moment – Aitch, Irlo, Noper, Saddo and Sinboy – work the Night Shift at McCann Erickson Pop-Up Gallery. We put in hard hours during the day; they take over during the night.

The result is nocturnal, dreamy, light and magical, which borders dark, violent, nightmarish and straight-up horror. Showcasing some of their work on paper, carton and wood, drawing directly on the walls of the Gallery, experimenting with characters and symbols and playing with lighting of the space, the artists will go for a unique atmosphere all throughout the show.”

McCann Erickson Pop-Up Gallery pops up for two weeks only, June 11-25. On the opening night of June 11 we are officially one of destinations inside an all-in-all exciting night for art.  Expect: a live performance by all 5 artists, special prices for special pieces, good beats, vibrant crowd, give-aways and refreshments as they last. Night Shift as it should be.