21 February 2008

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Born in Belgrade in 1973, Nikola Tamindzic established his reputation when he started shooting nightlife. Today his distinctive style has breathed much needed life into the somewhat jaded genre of nightlife photography. 'His approach creates scenes which reflect a fascination with the theatrical, the extreme, and that which is differently beautiful; if art ultimately deals with our individual relationships to each other and to the world, the fundamentals of how we see each other, and how our bodies coexist with one another and the objects around us, then this is perfectly embodied in Nikola Tamindzic's portraiture, where the degree of intimacy established between the author and the subject - and the tensions such intimacy provokes - might be considered to be the true subject of his work.'


Anonymous said...

huh ?

Asif Iftekhar said...

the photography is very incredible. the image are not normal. thanks

anel masculino said...

Essa foto ficou muito perfeita adorei