28 March 2009

23 March 2009

Kurt Stallaert

Kurt Stallaert creates impacting images often inspired by current-day social and cultural issues to which he adds a touch of humour and irony. Each series starts with a story board that serves as a base for the underlying message. He works with elaborate set-ups and themes taking his personal and art work beyond simple esthaetics. His advertising work is know all over the world - he is listed in the top 08 world ranking of advertising photographers selected by Lüerzers International Archive.

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17 March 2009

14 March 2009

Walter Robinson

Walter Robinson: "I use my work to investigate the ways that we create identities out of the products we consume. Branding, corporate logos, mascots, cartoon characters, advertising text and signage are the semiotic sources I draw from. To undermine the power of product logos that surround us, I tweak their scale or context, or combine them in disjunctive pairs. Sometimes I restage contemporary geopolitical events, using childhood icons to provoke the shock of corrupted innocence." (via)

09 March 2009

01 March 2009

Nicholas Routzen

Glynis Selina Arban

Frej Hedenberg

Rokolectiv ‘09


The fourth edition of Rokolectiv - festival for electronic music and related arts - kicks off between 10th and 12th of April 2009. Over 20 artists will participate with concerts, installations, and special events.

The first two days of the festival are hosted by a new spectacular venue - Bucharest’s creative commodities exchange The Ark, a neonesque industrial building reconverted into space for contemporary culture. As usual, MNAC supports the last day of the festival.

Rokolectiv presents outstanding live acts of the moment, most of them a Bucharest premiere, starting with the rare appearance of the Norwegian dizzying disco magician Lindstrom, followed by Canadian house experimentalist Frivolous and Berlin’s biggest deepologist Prosumer, in an obsessively dancing Saturday night.

On top of everything, to spice up the magic during the night program - some floral and animal interactivity, and a bit of playfulness with Lego sounds…

Friday is a dubstep goes techno night with special appearances from Shackleton, 2562 and Deadbeat, under the close supervision of the Romanian producer of the moment TRG with a mind-blowing DJ set.

Fennesz brings on Sunday some of the Black Sea’s waves to MNAC, following the recent release of his new album. An eclectic night completed by a display of Optical Machines, a grand finale combustion by the noisiest neo-metal funksters MoHa, and a spacecraft managed by half of Zombie Zombie - Etienne Jaumet - and the Romanian duo Minus si Ion, in a quest for a deeper sound.

Friday 10.04 / The Ark / 22h00
2562 (NL)
Larytta (CH)
Shackleton (UK)
Deadbeat (CA)

Saturday 11.04 / The Ark / 22h00
Bogdan (RO)
Lindstrom (NO)
Frivolous (CA)
Prosumer (DE)
Videocote (RO)

Sunday 12.04 / MNAC / 19h30
Optical Machines (NL)
Fennesz presents ‘Black Sea'(AT)
Etienne Jaumet (FR)
Minus si Ion (RO)
MoHa (NL)
Videocote (RO)