30 April 2007

Linda Zacks

"Meet Linda Zacks, the creative spark behind extra-oomph.com. Her work percolates from the tangible grime that is the oozy texture of New York City. It is about the cacophony of whooping sirens and grinding metal. Her words form a rhythmic latin hustle, pimp struttin' with meaning and experiences, setting one up for that same sort of woozy swoon one feels when roaming the streets around Times Square. Tension. Calamity. The urban obstinance that turns a jackhammer into a musical instrument. That’s what it’s like. If it’s not cathartic, it’s not in her artistic vocabulary."

27 April 2007

Shitdisco | Ok

Pop-up book puppetry at it's best!
Video directed by Price James.

Nykolai Aleksander | ad.memento

26 April 2007

Adela Leibowitz

Stefan Lucut | SuperFamousPrints

Billy Collins | Action Poetry

Billy Collins, former US Poet Laureate and one of America's best-selling poets, reads his poem "Now and Then" with animation by Eun-ha Paek of Milky Elephant. Noted for their intelligent humor, accessibility and observations on daily life, Collins' popular poems come alive further in a series of animated poems produced by JWT-NY.

21 April 2007

The Art Of Andrew McAttee

Andrew McAttee is a modern British artist who's art is surreal and dreamlike and at times borders on a sensory assault, with all manner of shapes, colours and textures.

DJ Krush @ Avmotional Focus on Japan

20 April 2007

Omagiu #6 Narcissism

Omagiu Remix Culture Magazine #6 Out Now!
Cover illustration by ciubi.

19 April 2007

115 | Galerie de artă digitală

(RO) Galeria 115, prima galerie de artă digitală din estul Europei, va expune lucrări create de artişti consacraţi şi tinere talente din întreaga lumea. Misiunea Galeriei 115 este să facă posibilă descoperirea de către publicul larg a acestui nou tip de artă în forma sa finală, ca lucrare imprimată pe pânză. Art:PartTwo este prima expoziţie a Galeriei 115. Scopul nostru a fost să descoperim talente din toată lumea şi să găsim clasicii de mâine astăzi. Colecţia Art:PartTwo nu are o temă prestabilită şi nici o limitare in afară de calitatea lucrărilor alese. După prospectări extinse şi o selecţie atentă suntem mândri să expunem lucrări create de 91 de artişti din 34 de ţări. Art:PartTwo este o colecţie de lucrări create folosind diferite tehnici digitale, care acoperă o mare varietate de stiluri de creaţie. Credem că adună unele dintre cele mai diverse şi mai bune lucrări de artă digitală din întreaga lume şi vă va transforma în adevăraţi fani ai artei digitale.

(EN) The 115 Digital Art Gallery is dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of digital fine art. Digital art has become a very important part of contemporary art. New tools revolutionize the artists' way of thinking and working. Images that could have never been created using traditional means are now possible through digital interfaces. Future artists will never have known a world without computer technology. For them, digital tools will be the instruments of their work. It is time for a cross-over in contemporary art and we want to be there and, along with the artists we want to lead the way for the art of the future.

Ioana Moldoveanu | fresh good minimal

18 April 2007

16 April 2007

"Find the Absolut Shape" Competition in Romania

Following the comments of a recent post, find here some details on Absolut photography competition:

The Absolut Competition comes for the first time in Romania. "Find the Absolut Shape" is a national competition that challenges all photographers to find the famous shape of the Absolut bottle. Their discoveries will be sent by email to absolutshape@absolut.ro or uploaded to the website www.absolutshape.ro or sent to the following address: CPCE CP 10, Bucharest starting with 15th of April until 10th of June 2007. You can join the competition with one or maximum 3 photographies.

There will be an Absolut prize given by the jury and 49 prizes from the public who will vote on the official web site.

Thanks to Matei for the information.

Constantine First

James Dimmock

Ryan Cox

via NTMY™

15 April 2007

13 April 2007

10 April 2007

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris's debut album, with the subtle title "I Created Disco", cost 0 p. to record. He fashions future-disko using an ancient Amiga computer and is, right now, (literally) knocking together a stonking live set using MDF and 204 samples. "My live band's gonna be even more rocking than the tunes. I'll be singing, but only because no one else in Dumfries can sing. I've got an extremely limited range. But I will be wearing a top hat made from the skin of a tiger.

Calvin Harris is one of those 'myspace sensations' you keep reading about. He was wildly popular amongst The Kids and on The Club Scene, a cult producer - slash - singer - slash - bedroom - knob - twiddler who can make the banging-est of pop-dance tunes out of bugger-all kit. The last time he spent any money on gear was three years ago, when he bought a voice processor for £200. "I'm not the kind of dude who buys Sound On Sound. I know if something sounds nice. If it does, I'll keep it. If not, I'll try and make it nice. You don't need to splash out on technology."

Javier Tles

Kenn Goodall

05 April 2007

Miss Aniela | Surreal self-portraiture

YASLY | YouAreSoLastYear

Sziget 2007 | 15th anniversary

8-15 August 2007 / Obudai Island, Budapest

confirmed acts: !!! (USA), Babylon Circus (F), Chemical Brothers (UK), Faithless (UK), Laurent Garnier (F), Gentleman (D), Gogol Bordello (USA), The Good, The Bad And The Queen (UK), The Hives (S), Juliette and the Licks (USA), Kaizers Orchestra (N), The Killers (USA), Madness (UK), Mando Diao (S), Mika (UK), Nine Inch Nails (USA), Pink (USA), The Rakes (UK), Sinéad O’Connor (IRL), Tool (USA), Salif Keita (Mali), Cesaria Evora, Eddie Palmieri (USA), Fanfare Ciocarlia – Queens & Kings (RO), Rachid Taha (ALG), GusGus (Iceland), Hooverphonic (B), Hyper (UK), Napalm Death (UK), DJ Hell (D), Dave Clarke (UK), Goldie (UK), Satoshi Tomiie (JAP), Plump DJ's (UK), Timo Maas (D), Silicone Soul and more to come.

04 April 2007

Rarindra Prakarsa

Paul Ryding

Ed Banger Records Vol. 2

Ed Banger Records Volume 2 Teaser

The compilation features Mr. Oizo, Uffie, Justice, DJ Mehdi, Mr. Flash, Krazy Baldhead, Feadz, Busy P, SebastiAn and So Me.

03 April 2007

Brian Walker | Lick where the sun does shine

Welcome to the cheese factory where dreams are made and broken. "Viewing this work is the equivalent of a photographic excursion into the mind of a serial filler of funtime plastic-fantastic realities. Brian Walker is a world renowned digital artist, with a playfully kitsch postmodern view on the world at large. View them with a grain of salt in hand ready to rub into your own proverbial visual wound that he taketh pleasure in inflicting" (H. R. Wienheimer)

Drew Gardner