30 November 2007

29 November 2007

Special Guest

Special Guest is a new studio featuring directors like Aaron Duffy, dedicated to the use of stop-motion, CG, cell animation. Special Guest creates fun, light-hearted, story driven pieces with a fresh playful perspective and vision.

27 November 2007

Nicolae Comanescu | dust 2 dust

"Art seems to employ a myriad of textures and materials – and even no materials at all – in order to express itself. Yet there is something which has been used from the very start of this thing called art, when our cave-dwelling ancestors began leaving their spiritual mark on this world. I am talking about dust, about dirt, earth, humus. The Neolithic "artist" imprinted his thought firstly and foremost by using charcoal and various types of dust, preferably of the reddish variety. The results are stunning even nowadays, after millennia and millennia. And they are born out of one of the most elemental materials available to humankind, something that just lies around in every corner and, indeed, everywhere one cares to look. [...] The art with dust I would like to talk about is the sort of art that is really connected to people. We can add to this small but nevertheless illustrious gallery our own Nicolae Comanescu, the painter of Romanian disconnected realities."

"The "Dust 2.0" series goes one step further in showing us the darker, even more serious side of Nicolae Comanescu, and this is more than likely aided by restricting the chromatics to various shades of dust. But we have to observe another preoccupation in the artist's mid. These new works depicting the neighbourhood of Berceni literally convey the life of the artist, and I would make so bold as to compare them to Utrillo's Montmartre paintings. What we see is the artist's immediate environment, the places where he spends a great deal of his time, and where some of inspiration comes from.[...] I think that Nicolae is the first Romanian artist to treat this underrated medium with the respect it deserves. One of the basest things in life, dirt, has been elevated to the rank of artistic endeavour. The metaphor-lover would go on to say that by this act, the artist has emphasised the transitoriness of life, and that all we are is dust in the wind and from dust we come and to dust we shall return, or even that life is dirt." (by Mihai Risnoveanu)

Galeria 26 / OTA
Opening: 28 Nov / 19.30

26 November 2007

Big Face - I Wanna Be A Style Crusader

Official video for Big Face's 'I Wanna Be A Style Crusader' single, released through Kitsuné Records - a 9 days video shoot involving 700 boxes, with majority of the imagery being hand animated by two people. Watch more cool videos on videoclectic!

25 November 2007

Troy Williams

Popel Coumou

Popel Coumou builds two dimensional spaces of paper, photos and clay. By using daylight and sometimes artificial light she bring the third dimension into her work. She uses an analogue 35 mm camera to capture these spaces. With these techniques she seems to be challenging the boarder of photography and painting.

She is fascinated by spaces where you can feel the absence of human presence, spaces that have a sense of mystery and silence. By combining the spaces with portraits she brings an extra layer in the work and makes it more intimate. It even emphasizes the absence of a human being. In her latest work the photos become more abstract and you can see her fascination for architecture.

Conny Kuilboer

About her work, Conny Kuilboer says: "With my work I’m searching for connections. I find them in simple objects and images I see and use daily but also in more complex subjects like religion and media. Nowadays, individualism is the standard. I want to ask questions about this. questions that summon to reflect about how people relate to each another. I research the resemblance that connect all of us. But without the intention to communicate this in an unambiguous manner. I translate this research in objects and (temporal) installations in which the application of the chosen material plays an significant role. The material I use most are blankets. It is a intriguing and polyvalent material with contradictionary qualities. blankets protect and give warmth. they suggest comfort but are really oppressive, irritating and often a fire hazard. I try to use all these medium specific qualities. But there are more reasons for me to work with blankets. they seem to absorb, have a special texture and the colours are fantastic. The application possibilities are endless. I use them in layers, with stencils etc.. Blankets have a rough texture which forces me to stylize my language of image. Therefore a continuous interaction arises within the searching and finding of the own form."

24 November 2007

21 November 2007

Tragiklab Inc. | The Dark Fairy Tales of Crypto Tragikdermy

Tragiklab Inc. is the experimental playground of Dhanank Pambayun a.k.a tragikpixel evolving to an experimental room for various commercial and personal projects such as, 2d animation, graphic, digital/manual illustration, and much more, also support any independent projects, like an offline and online digital art exhibition. After an intense two years experiment, tragikpixel has turned into tragiklabs. Today with Jogjaforce Digital Art Community found daily art and design resources called Designdiary, also released Designflip, bimonthly design&art e-zine.

19 November 2007

08 November 2007

the creative work of Ian Kim

Bucharest | (re)lansare Atelier35

Atelier35 se (re)lanseaza vineri, 9 noiembrie, 2007, incepand cu 19.30, prin evenimentul “Atelier 35 despre Atelier 35”. Prin acest eveniment, Atelier 35 îsi propune sa se (re)lanseze ca un spatiu destinat tinerilor(pâna în 35 de ani), ce promoveaza cercetarea artistica experimentala, new media si comunicarea între medii. Din program: expozitie de materiale audio-vizuale documentare despre ce a insemnat Atelier35 de la infiintare(1970) pana in prezent, turta dulce si visinata. Afterparty: 20.30 – 00.00.

Atelier 35 / Strada Selari 13

David Field

Ben Lawson | Artist & Illustrator

Ivanho Harlim

Yoh Nagao


05 November 2007

Ronald Kurniawan

Ronald Kurniawan
graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Inspired by ideograms, syllables, letterforms, beasts and heroic landscapes, he slowly but surely continues to create a visual language where the wilderness and civilization could merge happily together. With the belief that the sublime and nuclear age could coexist, he paints romantic environments and breaks the quiet scene with juxtaposed imagery taking the shape of icons and letterforms.