27 July 2008

Mary Rozzi

sr García

M. Mararian's Inky Dreadfuls

Michael Mararian
possesses a poetic propensity for taking traditionally cheerful images and concepts and turning them into frightening, yet humorous, tableaus. Focusing on children as the last bastion of innocence, Mararian draws on a diverse range of influences to deliver the world of the fondest visions of childhood’s naiveté darkly rearranged to uncover lost innocence and the fear of our modern times. Though often shroud in the macabre, Michaels' ink paintings are also suffused with a sense of mischievous, almost self-deprecating humor. What can on one level be construed as melancholy and cruel, can alternately be viewed as amusing, even charming. He enjoys letting his viewers decide.

22 July 2008

15 July 2008


'Handmade' ia a surrealistic short film that makes use of metaphors and unusual symbol to explain what one feels when is in love. Directed by Denis Kamioka aka Cisma, a brazilian animation director based in Barcelona and São Paulo.

Kim Høltermand

Julia Galdo

14 July 2008

Natasja Fourie

Fourie is recognized for a gonzo approach in documenting her friends and their private lives.

11 July 2008

10 July 2008

Playful | Portfolio of Pablo Alfieri

Playful is a showcase of Pablo Alfieri's personal works, a free space where he plays and has fun with colors, typography and geometry shapes, the bases of his creative work.

09 July 2008

Pulse | Shapeshifting emotion visualisation

Pulse is a live visualisation of the recent emotional expressions written on the private weblogs of blogger.com. These emotional expressions are parsed according to a list of synonyms and transform a physical shape shifting object, which was created analogous to Robert Plutchik's psychoevolutionary theory of emotion. Markus Kison is a Berlin based artist, working in the field of digital media art / physical computing. Pulse was created in may 2008 during his diploma thesis in the digital media class at the University of the Arts Berlin. Check the video too!

07 July 2008

06 July 2008

02 July 2008

James Dawe

James Dawe is an Illustrator & Image Maker who grew up and still operates out of East London. James’ work explores contemporary collage techniques which formulate in striking imagery and composition.