10 February 2010

Fiona Shaw

Fiona Shaw: "Do you get worried? I worry. There are many things that can go wrong. At least we can talk about them… that helps keep things working. Just don’t talk too much; stand within the blast radius but close your eyes. Words are tricky things. Language is a system without steadfast rules; ever changing, impossible to discuss without using it. It’s scary. It’s the only thing that allows us to distance ourselves from life and its overwhelming events. Best not scratch too deep and ruin the magic."

"Our desire to believe in constructed systems of reference hides paranoia over the impossibility of ultimate understanding and communication. Language and science provide an appealing cover for the gaps between individuals, with each other and with the world. Both systems are ever-changing and evolving; being proved ‘wrong’ and something else proclaimed ‘true’. But we don’t like to think that our tiny bit of knowledge on the grand timeline of all possible pasts and futures may be ultimately as longstanding as… well, all the stuff we can’t remember any more. Innumerable years of effort wasted."


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This is my work!
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